Saturday, April 16, 2016

Looking Forward to Mother’s Day (and Kattenstoet)

May 4, 2015

Hi guys!

Just came back from Antwerpen for zone P-day. We all played voetbal and it was a lot of fun. Elder Price and I had a great week. We went to Ieper a lot this week, but only two of our appointments went through. Our Branch President came with us and bore his testimony. It was really awesome and he told our investigator about his conversion story and how cool the missionaries are. It was really cool to hear him say so many good things about us and what the missionaries mean to him. We had our first meeting with our new Ward Mission Leader, and it went really well. He's very enthusiastic and really wants to get baptisms and get the ward involved. He knows a lot of the African community in Kortrijk because he is from Africa. He's a really cool guy. Elder Price is almost dead (finished with his mission) and my year mark is coming up. It's been a weird experience, the time goes really slow sometimes but when you look back it seems so fast. We also visited a less active family yesterday. They're from Russia and they're really cool people. I talked about how Kaylee was on a mission in Oekraïne and they said Ukrainian Russian sounds different. They have two daughters and they translated some things for their mom to us because they have better Nederlands and they speak Russian with each other. They're cool people but they're really busy. We shared a scripture verse with them and we'll probably try back in two weeks.

This Mother’s Day we'll be Skyping at our Branch President’s house, and I'll be Skyping around 6:00 my time. I can't wait to talk with you guys! We'll also be going to Ieper on Mother’s Day because they're having a historical festival called Kattenstoet and throwing stuffed cats off of the Stad building. Way back many years ago there were too many cats in Ieper because they had a bunch brought in to get rid of the rats, but then there were too many cats and they threw a bunch off the top of the Stad building to get rid of them and that's what they're celebrating haha. If I don't e-mail Nan tonight it's because the library is about to close, but you can tell her that I got her letter this week. The fast on Sunday was also really good and my testimony of fasting is much stronger now. I love you guys! Have a great week! I also got to see Elder Warner today (my trainer!) He told me to say, “Hi” to you guys and he still thinks you're really awesome. He really likes you're conversion story.

Love, Jeremy 

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