Tuesday, November 24, 2015

Speaking From the Heart

March 2, 2015

Thanks for the e-mail! Cierra's a potato!!! She’s going to BYUI! Guess we're going to university together! We had a really good week and transfers are this Wednesday. Elder Lindstrom is leaving and Elder Price is coming here to Kortrijk. Haha we're going get lost a bunch, I have no idea where anything is here in Kortrijk. We had a really good week and the baptism was great. I gave the baptism talk and I was all ready to read it off the paper, but then I got the feeling that I should just speak to the woman who was baptized and not read the talk I had prepared. I was a little nervous, but I ended up using what I had written down as more of a guideline. I know Heavenly Father was helping me out and the Spirit spoke to her. I hope. Haha she was really grateful for the talk and Lindstrom conferred upon her the Holy Ghost which was really good. She cried a lot and she was so happy. We had dinner at her house on Sunday and we made American burgers for her and her son. 

We just got back from Ieper and it was so cool. It was really historical and there were so many things from the war there. There was so much information and it was really interesting. There was a huge grave site that honored all of the fallen soldiers in World War I. There were a lot of soldiers from Europe, England, South Africa, Canada, and New Zealand. There was also some information about Tolkien and I think he wrote The Hobbit while he was a lieutenant fighting in Ieper. Here are some pictures!


His Hand is Always Outstretched

February 23, 2015

Hallo Iedereen!

Thanks for the E-mail! I'm happy to hear that KC is doing well and that you're having the missionaries over so much! I'm sure they love all the dinner appointments. Tell them I say, “Hi” and thank them for the time they're taking to serve the Lord. It sounds really cold back home. It's been getting pretty warm here and I hope it stays this nice. Today Elder Lindstrom and I will be going to Brugge for our p-day. I'm really excited to finally see the history and beautiful architecture there. I'll take lots of pictures and eat lots of delicious food while I'm there :) Transfers are coming up and I think Elder Lindstrom will be leaving because this is already his third Transfer in Kortrijk. We will be getting calls this coming Zondag and we'll see where everyone ends up getting called to. Next week the branch president said he would take us to Ieper which is going be really cool. There is a ton of history there. Battles in the Middle Ages were fought there, trench warfare in the first World War were fought there, and a other historical things happened there, as well. 

The member who is getting baptized this week asked me to give the talk before her baptism, and it will be an honor. We have been teaching her the lessons and it's been really cool to see how ready she is to be baptized. Her testimony is so strong it's really inspiring. She has such a good understanding of Christ and of the Atonement, and the amount of love Christ has for all of us. His hand is always outstretched and He is always there, we just have to decide to take His hand and He will lift us up. The Atonement is good enough for everything and everyone. It will make everything that is not fair in this life right. When we have nothing left, it’s the power of the Atonement that we run on. God's plan is perfect and we can always rely on Christ and put our faith in God. If we put God first, all other priorities will work themselves out, and some might even go away. Heavenly Father knows us better than anyone, and he wants us to have joy and success in this life and the next.

Zone p-day was a lot of fun and there are a few European missionaries in the mission. Most of them are from Nederland or Belgie. They're not really better at soccer just because they're from Europe, they're just normal people haha. There were some young members there, who are about my age, who played with us as well. A lot of members in the church here go on missions. It's a little different here because there are not as many members, so they all go on missions at the same time and it's actually really cool. I know this is the true Church of Jesus Christ restored on the earth and I know it through the feelings I get everyday from the Holy Spirit. I heard from Eric that he got his mission call!!!! I'm so happy for him and he's pumped to get out there and serve. I love you guys and try not to freeze! Love you all have a great week!

Groetjes, Elder DeWitt  

Looking Forward to the Sun

February 16, 2015

Hello Everyone!!!

We had zone p-day and played voetball for a long time so that’s why this message is so late. I might send more tomorrow because the library closes kind of soon. That’s so awesome that Eric is going to Chicago Illinois!!!! He’s going to be an awesome missionary. We had a pretty busy week this week. We're teaching a new member the after baptism lessons, which are the same lessons we teach before baptism, just after baptism. We are meeting with a lady who wrote herself out of the church because her husband made her when she got married. She is now divorced and sent papers to the Church to be baptized again and she got the papers back!!!!! We're so excited for her and she will get baptized in two weeks. We are teaching her the lessons and she's a really cool person. She's so sorry for writing herself out and she's so spiritual. Our lessons with her are so good and she pretty much teaches us. She cries every lesson and has so much love for Christ. She's really amazing and has such a strong testimony and reminds me how simple the Gospel is.

It's been really warm here and I love it. I can't wait for the warm weather and the sun to come. I love the sun so much. During the winter it's rainy and foggy. The spring and summer are going to be so nice. It's pretty hard to do the work here in the winter because things wear you down faster but now that the sun is out more it should be better. There was a pot luck meal after church this week and a ton of people from other wards came. The church was so packed and it was awesome. I can understand Flams a lot better now and I'm so grateful for the gift of tongues. I can understand what people say to me now for the most part and can say pretty much whatever I need to in Dutch, at least enough to get my point across. Alles komt goed wanneer goed is met ons :) I love you guys and I hope you have a great week!!!!

-Love Jeremy