Wednesday, December 2, 2015

Peace in Living the Gospel

Mar 23, 2015

Hey everyone!

I'm happy it's starting to warm up in the northeast! You guys should start looking for a house down south and move there this year! That would be sweet. Happy birthday Dad! How old are you? Almost 50? haha grapje (joking). I hope you have a great year and I'm so happy you're my dad and for all the great times we've had. Love you Dad. I remember going to the movies and then going to Pepe's after! How was the third Hobbit? Kaylee is coming home so soon! That's crazy. Does it seem like she's been out for a long time? It's going to be so cool for you guys to see Kaylee come home! And Cierra is going to Italy in a few weeks! She's going to love it. Make sure she speaks a lot of Italian and tell her to say, “Hi” to missionaries if she sees them there. I met some missionaries in the MTC who were going to Italy. She's going to want to bring enough clothes because she's probably not going to wash any there. The hotels aren't like American hotels. They are not as modern. I guess it depends on where you go. She'll probably want an adapter and she'll be good. Does she have a passport? Make sure she has it with her all the time and if police stop her tell her to play the American card and to make sure she gets her passport back after they scan it. She's going to love it. Italy is beautiful and let her know that she doesn't have to take too many pictures but to enjoy it while she's there. I'm really excited for her. I want to visit after my mission.

Elder Price and I had a really good week and we found a lot of new people. We taught a good amount of lessons this week and I asked someone if they would be baptized after they found out if these things were true or not and they said, “Yes!” It was such a cool experience. I know the peace that comes from living the Gospel of Jesus Christ and I love sharing it with others. We have district meeting once a week on Tuesdays and have weekly planning usually on Fridays. We were too busy this week for weekly planning so we'll probably do it today. Weekly planning takes about three hours for us. I love you guys so much and I hope you have a good week! Make sure you guys are good missionaries too. Try to find people for the missionaries to teach and ask if they need joint teaches. Missionaries love that. I'm really excited for Cierra. She's going to have such a good time in Italy.

Love Elder DeWitt

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