Monday, December 1, 2014

The Best Mission in the World

Hi Familie!!!

Everything sounds really awesome at home! I'm so happy for Cierra and she's awesome. Sounds like every one is staying busy. You chose Nederland for the Missionary Month activity!!!! It's the best mission in the world. I love it here so much and life is good. Europe is really great with languages. A lot of people know English because of school and because of Hollywood. Almost everyone here can speak at least three languages and I'm definitely going to give my kids early language lessons and only speak to them in Dutch. Andddddd you should invite the Elders over more because Sisters get way more dinner appointments than Elders do. Just letting you know. :) I talked to Caleb this week and he only has two transfers left! It's crazy! I also got new missionary tags that say Elder De Wit on them. Know it's a real Dutch name. I think I may have seen the De Wit statue while I was in Den Haag!

We got to go see Sinterklaas sail in on Zaterdag and it was so cool! I'm definitely going to bring my kids to see it. It was so fun and there were a ton of people there. It was kind of like Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade. Most people celebrate Sinterklaas on 5 Dec. On 25 Dec is when actual Christmas is, and people recognize it as the day when Christ was born. However, there are not many religious people here. There are a few Catholics, Protestants, and people who go to the Pillar.

I really love it here. I've been reading a lot in the Book of Mormon, and my testimony in Christ has grown so much because of it. I know that Christ died and atoned for all of our sins. Every unfair thing in the world, and everything, can be made right through the atonement. It's also so important to have the Spirit with you at all times. There’s a really good quote in one of President Uchtdorf’s talks. “The more you trust and rely on the Spirit, the greater your capacity to create." I love that quote. Corrie ten Boem is awesome. There's also an awesome quote from her which I have in my journal and I love to read "Never be afraid to trust an unknown future to a known God". 

Love you guys sooo much!!!! Groetjes,

- Jeremy

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