Monday, December 1, 2014

Happy Thanksgiving!

November 24, 2014

You made Stamppot!!!! I love it, it's delicious. You guys are awesome! We had an awesome week. A member had us over for Thanksgiving who is originally from Idaho. I don't know how she ended up here in Nederland but there was so much food. There was a ton of Turkey and mashed potatoes and deliciousness and they sent us home with a ton of food here. Her husband is not a member of the Church, but he's still a cool guy. Caleb is training a greeny and he's on his last or second to last transfer now. I emailed Kaylee last week and this week. I'm so happy you guys celebrated Grandpa's birthday and all got together. The De Graaf’s are going to have us over this Vrijdag and we're going to set up a bunch of Christmas decorations and a tree! I'ts going to be so fun and gezelig. Gezelig is a word they use a lot here, but there's no English word for it. It kind of means cozy and relaxed, and chill, and fun. It also depends on the context you use it in. I'm going to Belgium this week again to finalize legality stuff and it should pretty fun. You guys don't have to send me those soundtracks but it would be nice :) Also, it would be great if you could send some cool instrumental hymns.

We have mission conference this week and a member of the 70 is coming. Can't wait! I love Christmas and the whole Christmas season. The mission is going great and Naomi is getting baptized on 7th Dec!!! Love you guys so much and I really liked the quote you sent this week. Christian is a member who Elder Warner reactivated a transfer before me and he's a really cool kid. He goes on a lot of joint teaches with us and is with us almost every day. He may serve a mission, but I’m not sure. He's in university right now, and school here is a bit different. He has to wait until he finishes certain semesters. It would be awesome if he went. Are you reading a Corrie ten boom book? She's a really good author. Happy holiday season and I love you familie!

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