Tuesday, November 24, 2015

Speaking From the Heart

March 2, 2015

Thanks for the e-mail! Cierra's a potato!!! She’s going to BYUI! Guess we're going to university together! We had a really good week and transfers are this Wednesday. Elder Lindstrom is leaving and Elder Price is coming here to Kortrijk. Haha we're going get lost a bunch, I have no idea where anything is here in Kortrijk. We had a really good week and the baptism was great. I gave the baptism talk and I was all ready to read it off the paper, but then I got the feeling that I should just speak to the woman who was baptized and not read the talk I had prepared. I was a little nervous, but I ended up using what I had written down as more of a guideline. I know Heavenly Father was helping me out and the Spirit spoke to her. I hope. Haha she was really grateful for the talk and Lindstrom conferred upon her the Holy Ghost which was really good. She cried a lot and she was so happy. We had dinner at her house on Sunday and we made American burgers for her and her son. 

We just got back from Ieper and it was so cool. It was really historical and there were so many things from the war there. There was so much information and it was really interesting. There was a huge grave site that honored all of the fallen soldiers in World War I. There were a lot of soldiers from Europe, England, South Africa, Canada, and New Zealand. There was also some information about Tolkien and I think he wrote The Hobbit while he was a lieutenant fighting in Ieper. Here are some pictures!


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