Friday, November 7, 2014


October 20, 2014

This has been an amazing week. We have been working a ton in Mona's yard and finally finished! We are going back to get pictures and help her move stuff, but we're basically done now. The Elders from Hilversum came up and helped us place tiles down and finish the back patio. The Zusters are training a mini missionary this week. Shé is from Friesland, which is the northern Providence/region of Nederland. Temple conference was awesome! We all went to Zoetermeer and I saw Elder Morrell, Elder Reece, and the sisters from my MTC district. It was fun to meet up again and see everyone. The temple is beautiful in Zoetermeer. We also got to go to Brussels in Belgium this week! It was so awesome and historical. It is so European and we were pretty much tourists for the day. We had to get Legality papers and stuff and it was a ton of fun. Happy Birthday Cierra!!!!!! Best wishes to you and I love you! You're the best little sister ever. This is going to be an awesome year for you. Hope you have a great B-Day! Love you guys so much and here's a bunch of pictures from this week.

There's a picture of a public urinal which was in the middle of a busy intersection in Belgium. haha Belgian people use it because it's free and you have to pay to use bathrooms in stores or in restaurants. People spoke French in Belgium too. It was cool. Love you guys!

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