Friday, November 7, 2014

Temple Conference

October 27, 2014

Hey Familie!!!! I made it through my first transfer! I'm staying in Lelystad with Elder Warner but one of the Sisters is leaving. She is moving to St. Nicholas in Belgium and it's her last transfer. Zuster Robbins in coming into Lelystad and she's from my MTC group! I love seeing all the pictures from home. Belgium was so awesome. I had a Belgian waffle and it was delicious. I did use the public urinal but made sure there were no Zusters around. I found out that there's actually a wall that people pee on in Belgium. They also just pee in centrums (centers/squares) against walls. You can pretty much go anywhere in Belgium.

Temple conference is when we meet up with other zones and go to the temple in Zoetermeer. We went through a session and it was all in Dutch. It was so cool and really spiritual. I love you guys so much. So cool that Molly is going to the Phillipines!

This week was great! I saw a wild hedge hog! We finished at Mona's and went deur tot deur for hours this week. A lot of people go to the Pillar Church and they don't have the time to talk to us. I love missionary work though. We've also had some really spiritual experiences, as well. I know that Heavenly Father loves us and knows each and every one of us personally. We are truly his children and he has a plan for all of us and wants us to reach our full potential and experience joy in this life. I know that we can do this through living the Gospel and I know Christ died so that we can return to live with him and God for eternity. God has so much love for us we can't comprehend it and he is never angry with any us. He is pleased with our lives and when we use our agency to come closer to him. I love you guys so much and Happy 17th Cierra! Thanks for the pics! 

                                                                 Den Haag Temple

                                            Here is Mona’s front and back yard that we built!

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