Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Leaving on Monday

September 10, 2014

We leave the MTC on Monday!!!!! (Mondag) Everyone who was here when we arrived have all left for their missions and we're the last ones out. It's sad saying bye to everyone when they leave the MTC, but it's also a cool experience because we know they are going out to serve others. The Dutchies, us, are the oldest district in our zone now and a ton of new missionaries came in last week. We have 65 missionaries and they're all going to Sweden, Norway, Suriname (also Dutch speakers) and Denmark. It seams so real now that we are leaving so soon! We practiced street contacting the other day in our classes and I realized I don't know any Dutch. Haha. I know enough, but I think I'm going to learn a lot when I'm out there. Our teachers said to always talk to people when we are not doing anything, so we get better at the language. I know I'm going to look really dumb for the first few months, but that's the best way to learn! I really can't wait to go out and serve the people of Belgie and Nederland. The gospel of Jesus Christ is the best gift I've ever received, and it is the best gift I can ever give anyone. Brother Joseph Sitati from the Seventy said that in the devotional we had last night. I love that and I know it's so true. The Gospel brings so much joy and peace into peoples lives and I can't wait to share it. Brother Sitati is from Nigeria and he and his wife both talked last night.

Ik weet dat de Evangeli van Jezus Christus waar is, en ik weet dat het Heer roep mij tot deinst op de Belgie en Nederland zending. Ik houd van jullie and ik weet dat onze Hemelse Vader houd van ons ook. Ik kun belofte jullie dat de heer zullen geven jullie meer zegeninen als jullie volgen de geboden van God. 

This is kind of a testimony, hope you like it! I know I got a bunch of conjugations wrong but it was off the top of my head. We have been teaching Amid and Hans most of the time we have been in the MTC, and we got them both to commit to baptism! I know we couldn't have done it without the Spirit because Elder Morrell and I both say words that we would never have remembered with out the Spirit guiding us in what to say. Brother Egget is our choir director and he's awesome. We sang Hope of Israel last night for Tuesday Devotional and it was the last time we will have the opportunity to sing in the MTC choir. It was soooo good. He told us that we are on the Lord's mission and He works through us. We don't have to worry about trying to prove the gospel to people, but to invite them. That is what we are called to do and the Lord will guide us. 

I got a slight Euro hair cut today :) the sides are short and I left the top how it was. Looks pretty sweet. All of my suits are dry cleaned, and the luggage is going to cost $100 for the flight. Elder Morrell and I are going to teach new missionaries tonight for "People and our Purpose." It's basically a room full of new missionaries who came in today. There is an investigator and Morrell and I are going to be in front of everyone, attempting to show them how to approach someone and begin to teach them. Wish us feel success! “Feel Success” is a phrase in Dutch which basically means good luck. 

We also found out a lot about Nederland this week, and we're going into a part of the world with not many morals. They explained to us that religion was always forced upon people in Nederland in their history, so they're really skeptical about missionaries and it makes sense. The teachers are going to tell us some investigator (onderzoeker) stories on Saturday. The investigators, who the teachers are acting out in the MTC, are based on real people they taught and baptized on their missions. 

I can e-mail you guys again this Saturday. Ik houd van julie! And it sounds like every thing is going well back home! Love to hear from you guys! 


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